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Project Based Learning in the Private Sector

Creating New Value for Japan Today

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While projects create new value for companies everywhere, creating new value in Japan today involves complexity, conflict, and turbulence. To address such problems, project management as practiced in the 20th Century is no longer adequate. As a result, in the last decade, the practice has become much more transparent, participatory, and political. No longer just a set of techniques, today's project management has become a global team sport. It is more like a televised soccer match than making Gantt charts in a cubicle. To be more exact, it is now a collaborative systems practice, one that integrates systems thinking, people skills, and cloud-based tools.

For global companies in Japan wishing to bring their people up to speed quickly on these foundations of modern project management, Cogent Language offers a number of set courses such as our Project Know-how for Middle Managers and Launching IT Projects in Asia Pacific. We also offer a range of services, such as curriculum design, pilot programs, and e-workbooks for mobile devices and field learning.

Training itself also involves complexity, conflict, and turbulence. To address such problems, 20th Century training is also no longer adequate. As a result, in the 21st Century, more and more organizations around the world are turning to project based learning (PBL). Why? It makes sense: people learn to do projects by doing them. Not surprisingly, the World Economic Forum has recently shortlisted project based learning as a pedagogical approach that can integrate new technologies and help close the gap between the 21st Century skills that companies need and those taught in schools.

For private sector training organizations wishing to improve their offerings via project based learning, Cogent Language offers a range of consulting services, including train-the-trainer and executive coaching. If any of these services may be of interest to you, then, wherever you are in Japan, let's talk!


“Dan greatly propelled a key project when he provided consulting to my team on building a collaborative High Performance Organization .... In particular he introduced new (to us) thinking on Communities of Practice and Organizational Learning in combination with performance management that recognizes what he framed for us as Account-building Communicative Tasks (ACTs).”

Torsten Kanisch,
Innovation, Quality, Productivity Champion 
Novartis Pharma K.K. 
August, 2008

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