Why Project Worksites?

 No Short Cuts To Project Management as CSP

For persons with VUCA project responsibilities, what could be as important as developing their collaborative systems practice (CSP)? But how best to do this ?  Learning can take lots of time and money, and what these persons mostly have is "business" – busyness, issues, and experience. 

And, let's be real: for developing any worthy practice in project management, there are no panaceas -  no slide decks, videos, canned lessons, or cookie-cutter courses.  The ancient wisdom was, is, and will be: Ars longa, vita brevis.  (Art is long, life is short.)

Our CSP Learning Architecture: "Worksites" for Your Projects

While project management as CSP is our value proposition at Cogent Language, we have no panaceas, no short cuts. What we offer is something different. 

What those with VUCA projects need is a structure in time and space that both leverages past experience and current busyness for learning CSP, and that immediately deploys CSP learning to strengthen current and future projects. This is an architecture not only  for learning by doing but also for applying the learning on the spot, at the genba (Japanese for "worksite"). 

 Our main product is such a learning architecture, one that we call a "worksite".  Each is a personalized learning opportunity in managing projects as a collaborative systems practice. Each is also a constructive job aid to facilitate work in the user's operating world.

Worksite WIIFM ("What's In It for Me") 

If you have VUCA project responsibilities, worksites are  a lean architecture for learning CSP, one that can save you time, space, and money, on your learning and on your projects.  Each worksite is set up, provided, and priced especially for you. What's in it for you? Cutting-edge tools, a way to get your skin in the game, opportunities to collaborate, and scaffolding for problem-solving and design in your real world projects.  

For more, "what's in if for me?", see WIIFM.