Our Coaching 

for Your Project Work 

Are You Into Visual?   

 OK! Visual coaching is the foundation for all our services. So, what is it? Visual coaching is guidance in the form of models, designs, or templates. Visible representations of "know-how"knowledge not in the head, but in the world – patterns useful to those doing work. 

The patterns that tend to be most useful emerge from the work context itself,  from the "gemba" (現場). These are patterns seen by those doing the work, used to do it, and enhanced to do it better. They are tangible job aids, purpose-built, by those doing the work.  

If you (or you and your team) are doing project work, then your visual coaching is guidance for your work that you construct, based on patterns that you find in your work.  

To help surface and leverage such patterns, we offer our main product, the Cogent Language "worksite". Worksites are visual, online job aids for coping with major chunks of project work.  Each worksite guides an individual (or a team) in tackling one such chunkEach provides rationale, approach, resources, visual templates, workspace, and a default workflow. You can tailor all these to your context and purpose. In these ways, worksite architecture offers a pattern language for doing project work. 

A  blueprint of that architecture appears below.  

Worksite Architecture

 by Cogent Language