Coaching via Worksite

All of our coaching services are supported by  project "worksites." This Worksite is the Cogent Language name for its dynamic, visual development context for individuals and teams facing today's major project challenges.  Each worksite is online support for tackling one of these challenges. 

Worksite Map

Here's a map of the framework. As can be seen, the  Project Work challenge is set out at the top left. To help tackle it, the framework provides 4 work "zones". These offer context, approach, space to work, and a work flow. 

Worksite Zones

This set of  zones frames a systemic team conversation, a design process that can be customized, transparently, to the project business case, organization, phase, deliverables, and individuals.

At the same time,  this architecture provides a flexible context for learning collaborative systems practice, a way of doing project work that is both 20th Century classic and bleeeding edge 2023.

 In these ways, worksite architecture offers a pattern language for doing project work, a medium for communication, knowledge management, and learning, individual and collective

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