Grow Your Own 

Project Know-how 

  • Are You Early Career? An Accidental Project Manager?

  • ¬†Wondering Where to Start Your Project Practice?

  • And¬†How to¬†Grow It Going Forward?

   Start Where You Are ...

- In your own real world 
     - With your team experience
     - And your own rigor and imagination


  Grow Your Know-how 

¬† ¬† ¬†-¬†Study¬†your project experience ‚Äď good and bad
     - Act to determine what works in teams like yours
    - Plan to grow that know-how 
    - Do your plan


  Navigate by Your Own Project Know-how Panorama

    - Experiential
   - Situated
  - A Big Picture Kanban Board
  - For Your Career