Summer Courses



 Introduction to Project Management  

Ok, for 2024, you’ve already got some projects up and running, with more coming your way. Good for you!

 Now, to deliver on all this potential value, wouldn’t it be great to have a hands-on course on today's project management? One that shows how to use PMI’s latest guidance, PMBOK 7 - along with AI mentoring - for all those projects of yours? A live, online course, led by a PMP?

 Sound impossible? No, no….it sounds just like BPM 101, the course I will be leading for Temple University Japan, starting this June.

No worries about prerequisites. This is an intro class - all you need is some real-world project experience (good and bad). The course is online, so no worries about commuting or COVID either.

You’ll come away with 23 PDU's and plenty of new know-how in your head and your hands. Yo'll take away too a valuable product: a comprehensive, visual guide to the project know-how you'll need going forward.  

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Basic Project Know-how

 Something special is on the way - our new first course, based directly on your own experience, informed by AI.
  • 10 weeks, 20 contact hours total
  • I00+ key project constructs
  • Your Own Project Know-how Panorama

Start where you are!

Grow your own project know-how from your own project work. No cookie cutter frameworks, no expensive textbooks - just true reflective practice.

Get advice from a live coach and AI mentoring to see how you can:

  • grow and curate your own project know-how
  • contribute the know-how your team needs 
  • keep growing after the course