Grow My Own

Project Know-how?

Q: Where Can I Do That?


A: On Your Own

Project Know-how Panorama !

¬†A Project Know-how Panorama‚ĄĘ is¬†the digital canvas that Cogent Language has developed to enable early career individuals¬†to grow their own project know-how. It is huge, so huge, technically, that it is hosted on¬†the infinite canvas platform Mural¬ģ.¬†

While similar to canvases such as¬†Strategyzer's Value Proposition Canvas¬ģ, used in start-ups, and to the big visual charts (BVC)¬†used by agile teams,¬†our¬†panorama¬†is designed for¬†individuals. It is for those wishing to develop project know-how early in their careers, and then to grow it by a practice of continuous improvement.¬†Specifically, it is for those looking for a practice rooted in the real world, rather than simply knowledge in the head.¬† It is best understood as a¬†gigantic visual¬†model¬†supporting¬†life-long learning¬†of practical project know-how ‚Äď a¬†Kanban board for¬†a¬†whole career.

With Cogent Language, you would have the opportunity to populate your own Project Know-how Panorama during our courses, and then to continue using it after your course is done; alternately, you could start growing your own project know-how, solo. 

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