Grow My Own

Project Know-how?

Q: Where Can I Do That?


A: On Your Own

Project Know-how Panorama !

¬†A Project Know-how Panorama‚ĄĘ is¬†the digital canvas that Cogent Language has developed to enable¬†our individual customers to grow their own project know-how. It is huge, so huge that it is hosted on¬†the infinite canvas platform Mural¬ģ.¬†

While similar to other canvases used by start-up teams and to the big visual charts (BVC) in agile projects, our panorama is best understood as a gigantic visual model supporting ongoing, long-term discovery, creation, and management of project know-how. Think of it as Kanban board for a whole career!

Each Cogent Language customer has the opportunity to develop their own Project Know-how Panorama during our courses, and then to continue to use them after their courses are done.   

Q: How Can I Grow Mine?

A: Here's How!

- Get a Mural¬ģ account (paid or free).¬†

- Preview this basic project know-how panorama right here. 

- Find the "Outline" (bulleted list) icon that the red arrow points from in the upper right of the image here.

- Click it. Steps appear on the right of the panorama.

- Walk thru them to see how to grow your own project know-how! Start from your past on the left. Explore the current state of the art in the center. Build your future know-how on the right.